About Us

Hi everyone! I'm Holly, the owner and founder of Glitter and Daisies! I started my business to bring some extra sparkle into the world. I have always loved having a project and being crafty. During the pandemic I was working from home and needed a creative outlet. I started making ears in early 2021 and became so excited to make more.  Then I had the idea of opening a shop and sharing my designs with you! I want to help you find the perfect pair of ears for your next trip! 

I chose the name Glitter and Daisies because I have always loved glitter, sparkles, sequins, etc. I feel like life is too short not to sparkle. And daisies are my favorite flower. They are simple but elegant, and come in a variety of colors. With my brand, I hope to inspire you to live each day with a little extra vibrancy. 

In my free time I love to get outside, craft, spend time with family/friends and watch some of my favorite shows. I love dramas, rom coms and comedy. Some of my favorites are Parks and Recreation, New Girl, Buffy the Vampire and soooo many more! 

I'm so glad you are here and can't wait to spread the magic with you!